Our practice has been busy making changes to be more environmentally friendly, as well as efficient, and we thought we would update you on our progress.

We use digital x-rays. Our computers store the images so we can share them much more easily when patients need to be referred out to a specialist. Because they are stored in our computers we do not need a physical file to store them in.

Our practice management software is so comprehensive that we are in process of going ‘chartless’. This means we use much less paper and that is a good thing. When we do use paper it is to print a receipt or something similar. We recycle all used paper. All those paper charts we used to use are being scanned and then stored offsite. One day soon you will no longer see paper charts in our office.

We call, email and text patients to contact them regarding scheduled appointments or the need to schedule an appointment.

We will continue to work toward making our office both more efficient and environmentally friendly.