Go Green!
Office is Going Green!

Going Green! You will notice some changes in our office over the next few months.  In order to Go Green we have decided to go as paperless as possible.  Our patients can expect to update their forms on a tablet now, instead of filling out paperwork.  Patients may also notice emails sent with your forms already in them.  We ask that you please fill out these forms before your appointment.  Patient signatures for all forms will be collected at their appointment.

Going Paperless! Another way to Go Green is with www.smiledash.com.  This patient portal allows you to see your account, message staff, make payments online, and see future appointments.  In order to use this feature you will need your login and temporary password.  This can be obtained by contacting our office.  Once you login with your login and temporary password, you will then set your private password.  This portal is very useful and can be customized to your needs

The Future!  Please check in over the next few months to see what other changes have taken place.  These updates will be gradual.  The goal with this process is to make it easier for our patients to update information, check appointments, and pay balances online.  If you have questions please email us at drbunton@live.com.