OraCare™ Mouth Rinse


What is OraCare™ mouth rinse and why should I care?

We are always looking for the best solutions for our patients and their dental needs. Safe and effective are priorities we look for in the products we use and recommend. OraCare™ is just such a product.

OraCare™ mouth rinse breaks down Bio Film (plaque) in the mouth. Bio Film is reduced for up to 24 hours after rinsing with OraCare™. Using OraCare™ even helps reduce bad breath. It can also be used to help promote healing after dental treatment.

The active ingredient in OraCare™ is Activated Chlorine Dioxide. It is not harmful if accidentally swallowed. This means you can safely use OraCare™ at home. It is also safe to use while pregnant. There is no staining, burning or drying.

OraCare™ is referred to as a ‘Health’ rinse rather than an oral since. It’s that good!

OraCare™ is only available through your dental office so ask us about it today.