Our New & Improved Website

Social Media Class
mkhmarketing / Foter / CC BY

If you haven’t visited our website lately, now would be a good time to stop by and check it out. We have a totally new look and design that is also mobile friendly. Now you can find us on your mobile device!

You will notice an easy navigation strip at the top so you can find the items you need quickly and easily, like access to Google maps so you can find the office.

We have also created 4 different interest sections: ‘Around The Office‘ ‘What’s New‘ ‘Around The Town‘ and ‘Did You Know‘. These sections will correspond with sections of the newsletter you will receive from us via your email. Each time we publish something new on the website it will also be published on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow us to see the updates. Each published post will have share buttons so you can share with your family and friends.

At the top right you will notice ‘Follow Us‘ buttons. Follow us and don’t forget to tag us in your Facebook photos! When you visit the office you can check in on Facebook and let everyone know you are here.

Watch for updated photos of the office staff. They will be coming soon.

What we would like to know from you, our patients, is whether or not you would like to communicate with us via the website. Would you like to be able to comment on articles we publish? You already have this ability via Facebook. Leave us a comment on Facebook and let us know what you think about the website.

We want to make our website friendly and easy to use. Your opinions are important to us so we hope you will give us some feedback.